Medical cannabis is really good for a variety of things, some of which people don’t even talk about. Here are some of the top benefits of medical cannabis treatment, and what it means usually for those interested in having it. 


The first way that this can help is treating glaucoma. Right now, there isn’t much science saying it’ll cure it, but it helps with the eye pressure, naturally reducing this so you can see better. However, before you do this, talk to your doctor to see whether or not it’ll impact the current medical treatments that you have, and what to do if needed. 

Reduce Cancer Spread 

This may seem crazy, but according to multiple studies, some of which from 2007, this is actually true! According to a study, it was found that CBD helps to naturally reduce breast cancer cells from proliferating, and some other studies found that medical marijuana helps with reducing the types of cells that are in the body, including brain, lung and breast cancer cells. 

Helps with MS 

MS is very painful, and it’s a neurological condition that definitely can cause a lot of pain for those who have it, and it can definitely be a problem. A study however done on this found that there was relief in place for those who did smoke marijuana, and for some people, if they normally didn’t benefit from other kinds of treatments, this is the best way to reduce pain in the body as well, making it even better for them as well, and to help with reducing the possible problems that came with it. 

Arthritis and it’s Relief 

Another way that marijuana can help with pain is those with arthritis, and the inflammation of this does make it a nightmare for those who are struggling to just sleep or exist in a lot of cases. Some hospitals have already tried this, giving people medication that’s cannabis-based, with the end part of this being inflammation that’s reduced, giving them some pain relief they’ve awaited, and also helping with sleep too. Some people who use this for arthritis though actually do need to try differing kinds of strains in order to find the one that works for them. 

Stopping Alzheimer’s 

Alzheimer’s is a scary condition, with it not just impacting the brain, but it can also impact memory and even the identity of people. There is no specific cure, and medical marijuana can actually help to prevent this in different ways. How it helps is simple. the THC that’s in this stops the brain from creating amyloid plaque, which later on destroys brain cells, and it can help you if you’re at risk for this.  You’re never too old to benefit from medical cannabis, and this is one of the top reasons why. 

Less Tremors 

Parkinson’s is a condition that has a lot of side effects, but the most notable of which being tremors. Between the pain and tremors that people suffer, it’s very hard for one to fall asleep. But with medical cannabis, this can change the game for those who suffer from this, and this can help to ease the tremors that are there. This is definitely something that has been studied, and it can help with also their moor skills and habits. 

This also isn’t addictive nor does it create a habit, so it’s a safe way to help with treatment. Medical cannabis has a ton of benefits, but here are but a few of the many ways that medical cannabis can benefit your various conditions, and other ways that this can help to change you.