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Why Medical Cannabis is an Alternative to Big Pharma

Major pharmaceutical retailers have created a lot of medicines in the last few decades, but with our prescription culture still being a big part of it, big pharma has a lot of side effects that aren’t necessary. There are so many side effects that come from these, and more and more are turning to medical cannabis as an alternative. Whether you like to smoke flower or edibles, this is definitely the safer answer to various medical issues for those who have it. 

Seniors and Prescriptions

Older people need pharmaceuticals for relief for some conditions, but this can actually cause drug toxicity, which is a word that basically means it can interact with the medications you’re currently taking, causing issues with the kidneys and liver. This also does cause problems because the body isn’t as capable of flushing out the toxins from medications, which is what makes this a big issue. But there is a solution. From glaucoma to chronic pain, to even Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, this is definitely one way to possibly get relief as a senior, and it’s why many are turning to using medical cannabis to help with this, offering relief as well.

Big pharma and pain

Many people use analgesics and other painkillers every single day. Some may even use painkillers that are prescription, along with opioids in order to combat severe chronic pain. While they do also offer pain relief, they come with side effects, including the potential for addictions. This can also case GI problems including stomach pain and the like if you take these in the long term. This also can actually cause cardiac events, and broken bones too. So yes, even the painkillers that you take have severe issues with this. But medical cannabis such as gorilla glue may be the option that you have, since this is a safe, natural answer to those who have issues with pain, and a lot of people eve say that it not only addresses their needs, but also reduces opioids dependance too. 

Mental health issues

Another problem that big pharma has thought they fixed, was mental health concerns. Antidepressants including SSRIs can actually cause a lot of issues whether it’s dry mouth to sleep issues, to even issues with sexual dysfunction as well. Sadly though, these side effects actually can increase depression symptoms and their risks. One actually found that it does increase dementia later on in life. But, medical cannabis offers an alternative to this, and also helps with many different health issues associated with this. It is a remedy for a lot of complex conditions that may be present later on, such as Alzheimer’s as well. There are a ton of ways that mental health issues can actually be benefitted through cannabis as well. You can trade in those prescriptions for big pharma remedies, and you can talk to someone who will help you understand how you can replace everything that you were using, and of course, finally get the help that you need. Relief doesn’t have to be something that is synthesized, but the problem is with painkillers and other pharmaceuticals, this creates a lot more problems than befits. That’s why natural relief with medical cannabis is something that can help you, and it can as well, help you better understand yourself. Medical cannabis is definitely a beneficial thing, and you can buy medical cannabis to help you. Whether it be flower or other concentrates, there’s a lot out there and for those looking to get off of big pharma, this is the best way to do it. 

Properly Budgeting Medical Cannabis

Whether you have a medical marijuana card in Virginia or another state, you definitely get the values of cannabis, but they do cost money. Here, we’ll discuss how you can budget your cannabis so it won’t break the bank. 

Time the doses

You should definitely look at the doses that you’re taking.  You definitely want to make sure that you time this correctly, such as if you’re using this for sleep or pain management, have more at night. If you’re able to use this to help mitigate the conditions during the day, it can help. You can also try using the minimum, and try to stretch it out during the day, seeing how far the product goes without compromising the benefits of such. 

Eat Fats

If you’re going to be using edibles, you want to have some fats in your body. this actually helps improve cannabis bioavailability, since the consuming of these fats will stimulate your lymphatic system in the intestines. When you have fats with edibles, it basically helps you get more for less. This is definitely something that can be great especially if you’re trying to stretch some edibles. 

Consider lifestyle Adjustments

If you’re not moving around and exercising, consider this. This is because endorphins when working out actually will help you process weed a lot better, so you can take a smaller dosage of this, especially if you have a little bit to this. Medical cannabis also helps with exercise quality too, and it can definitely help in many cases. 

Look at the options

Some people definitely benefit from one type of experience over another. A whole flower, tincture, or even an edible may be a better option, since you can break this up. There are tons of options for you to look at, and you should definitely look to see what’s right for you, and what will save you money while also delivering the benefits that you want to have. 

Talk to your diductor

It’s important to understand that a doctor can help you find the right items that you need. That way, you’re not wasting money and time trying to find the right medical cannabis fit. The doctor also may give you some alternatives and advice on how to get the right dosage out of everything, should you possibly need something that is specific, but has a higher price point. And let’s face it as well, the medical cannabis market is growing, but compared toother places, it can be a lot higher. Sometime though, prices can go down. There is a chance though that with more momentum and more people signing up, there is always a chance that the prices may possibly go down further with more use and making it more possible for you to use. Do understand though, that unless you’re living in a state that’s had it legalized for a long time like Colorado or Oregon, it’ll probably still have high costs. Hopefully though, ad more and more dispensaries definitely pop up, they’ll be able to offset the costs with lower amounts since there are now more places for people to buy. Plus, it creates a competitive market, which is beneficial to all people, especially if they’re interested in partaking in edibles and other kinds of cannabis, and of course, you’ll definitely want to look at that. It doesn’t always have to be expensive though. Check out these tips and see if there a way to possibly implement this into your budget so that you can get the cannabis that you want, without it breaking the bank too.